SKYE Blackhouse Tile (8x8)
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Brand: Skye Tiles

SKYE Blackhouse Tile (8x8)

Ceramic Art Tile 8"x8"

A hand painted ceramic tile featuring a reproduction of a painting by Scottish artist Bill Loughray. The Blackhouse is a traditional thatched crofters house from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, rarely seen now but beautifully captured in this colourful painting. This beautifully preserved cottage can actually be found on the island of North Uist near Lochmaddy and is a rare example of this type of building that is still in use.

The tile is supplied inside a presentation box, with a black felt covered backing and a hanging hook both of which can easily be removed if the tile is to be fixed to a wall.

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SKYE Blackhouse Tile (8x8)